Dr. Phan


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The goal of this practice is to treat our patients with honesty and integrity while providing the best quality care possible.

You will be greeted upon arrival in the office and, once we’ve received your new patient digital registration information, either Kathleen or Marjie will prepare your chart.  Once seated in our treatment room Dr. Phan and/or the hygienist will review your medical and dental histories in order to be aware of any medical problems that may affect your dental treatment, and to clarify areas that are of concern to you.

Following this, a detailed examination of the teeth, gums, and adjacent structures will be performed.  In order to compile a complete dental record, we will record all previous procedures as well as any abnormalities evident on visual examination.  Occlusion (bite) may also be evaluated.Obviously, if you have an emergency appointment, the current concern will be our priority.

If your initial appointment is with our hygienist, she will perform a thorough cleaning (prophylaxis) and review your oral hygiene methods with you, offering suggestions to enhance what you are already doing to help you maintain optimum oral health.