Oporto Tourism

New way to experience places

This project was part of a partnership between Creative BitBox and the Tourism of Portugal where we recognized the trending growth in the tourism industry in the city of Oporto. Since major low-cost flights have established hubs in Oporto, tourism levels were increasing year after year and so we saw a clear opportunity for a product that would allow tourists to access city’s information, events to attend, places to visit, where to stay, eat and drink.




Design Director, Tech Research


Program Manager, GIS Specialist, Front-End and Back -End Developers, Industrial Designer

The Application

The core concept for this application was to be an access point for tourism information. It is comprised of a explorable map that helps users find geographic locations of interest supported by a navigation system that allows filtering according to different categories like places, events and itineraries.


The menu component could morph into different configurations depending on the data and user action. This is the agenda where users can access current events as well as filter different categories.


This component was the atomic unit for our application. Every data type exists as a card and it can represent places, events, routes, etc. We had different card configurations for each data type.



You can also access a predefined set of routes or itineraries or make your own based on the dates and duration of your stay and what kinds of activities are you interested.


The Hardware

At CBB one my roles was to research and develop concepts in the areas of  interactive surfaces and augmented reality. In late 2010, capacitive touch devices were pretty much well established with the iPad, iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy. We aimed to develop product solutions that allowed our clients to expand beyond these small personal devices formats. We were looking for a multi-touch screen that would allow multiple people interacting simultaneously, while providing a great image quality and a fast response to touch.

Table hardware display

I worked in collaboration with an industrial designer to create a device capable of being installed in public spaces such as airports and train stations and be accessed by multiple people at a time.

Unboxing our hardware / Team working